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Reproductive Health Advocacy

The rise in sexual activity in society has been caused in part by the liberalization of values as well as the proliferation of sexual provocative material. This has created circumstances which favor, promote and glorify the sexual act and practices related to it. Due to these environment individuals today have an increased desire to engage in intercourse and other activities that are a prelude to it, enhance it or aside from the same. This also has increased the demand for sexual material like videos exhibiting explicit material. This demand has led to the rise and expansion of the adult entertainment industry.

With the creation and rapid development of the World Wide Web has enabled such material and the sub – culture they promote to permeate almost every corner of modern society. This has created certain problems with regards to the sexual act. In particular there is an increase in sex related diseases which are often transmitted by the act itself.

Governments have struggled to solve this problem but they cannot cope with the increase in cases. The root of the problem involves those who are sexually active. This is because they are likely those who will be infected and/or transmit the said illnesses to others. According to studies the people with heightened sex drives are also those likely to have sex more often than others. Their intensified libido makes them potential carriers when they do get infected. A viable solution is to increase the awareness and vigilance of those who are having more sex than most.

This can be done through an activity they regularly undertake such as watching adult videos. Using material like those made by bang bros, which are very popular. Each video can be used to promote methods and practices that prevent and minimize the likelihood of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

A usually adult video like those of bang bros porn can be an effective tool of advocacy. There are more instances that these videos are viewed by the sexually active individuals than other kinds of videos. Campaigns like those promoting contraception to sexual hygiene can be imbedded in each video. This increases the awareness and knowledge towards these serious sexual diseases. This is the first and most important step in combating them. This in turn reshapes how people have intercourse and makes them employ practices that reduced the risk of contracting and spreading these illnesses.

Health authorities should look into using materials like any bang bros video. They can reach more individuals and affect greater change in society if their medium is popular among individuals. This will contribute greatly against the war against these diseases and eventually eradicate them. This approach is worth a try in comparison to the inept traditional methods being employed.


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